There are two choices involved in organizing an event; either you do it alone or hire a professional event company to handle it. If you have no experience, you need to be prepared – that the task can really be complex and demanding. But if you decide to hire a company to handle the entire process, there are some things you should consider. It is without a doubt that event companies will save you time, and they can make your corporate events more memorable, efficient, attractive, successful, and organized. 

The importance of partnering with the right event company in London cannot be overemphasized. All organizations are not created equal, and selecting the wrong one could lead to various problems. The task of hiring one might seem easy – with just a Google search, you can see tons of options to choose from. But there is a problem; which company do you choose in the pool of event management companies? How can you get the best one, that’ll meet and exceed your expectations?

Top Tips When Choosing an Event Company in London

1. Their Overall Experience 

Nowadays, there’s a rising trend for anybody that has organized a teen disco or a school event deciding that they’re now event managers; coupled with the fact that it is easy and quick to have a website – and could be easily used for misleading people. It is important in establishing the level of experience of the company. Look into their past work and see if they can give you a good example of the work they have done before? If they can’t do that, then that’s a red flag!

2. Consider the 3 A’s

It is no doubt that effective communication is part of the job of an event management company. Great event managers will be approachable, accessible, and available. It is important to have great communication skills since working with a lot of people will require good social skills. This is why your first conversation with the representative of the company is important in analyzing their social skills. Use the opportunity to ask the questions regarding how your event will be organized and see if the manager will be available when needed. 

3. Relevant Expertise

It is very common for an event agency to specialize in particular areas only. It is rare to get an event agency in London that is great in all areas. Look for a company that has particular expertise in your area. For instance, if you need someone to manage your event, supply quality audiovisual equipment, technical support, staging, and with perfect production, there are companies that specialize in that. 

4. Their Qualifications 

In today’s world, there are courses in event management. Someone can go to college and study event management. Just as if you need to hire an accountant, you’d want them to have read accountancy. It will be worth it if you confirm if an event company you’re considering hiring has a staff that has a certificate in that area. 

5. Previous Testimonials 

Any organization that is doing a great job should have testimonials from satisfied clients. A company that has a good reputation should be able to show you some recommendations they’ve gotten from happy clients. If their client feedback is now shown on their site, don’t hesitate to ask for it. Demand to see photos and comments from recent events they’ve organized. If a supplier has repeat business, that’s a good sign. If customers keep coming back, that means they’re doing a great job.

6. Do they have the Right Equipment?

Most companies dealing with AV production will have to hire equipment whenever they need it. There are several benefits in selecting a company that has their own equipment. For a start, having their own equipment will allow clients to save cost as against having to hire it. These savings will ultimately make your budget go further. Additionally, a company that has its own gear can guarantee its reliability. If your event will require sound and light system, logistics, or other particular equipment, ask if the company has them. 

7. The Right Budget

Budget is important when choosing an event company. Although the price should not be so important, at times it can be a deal-breaker. If your budget is tight, bear it in mind that going for a cheap company does not really mean low quality. Also, the most expensive companies can be considered if you’re willing to cut down on some expenses. 

Bottom line is, you should see deeper than the fancy suits and marketing speak and more importantly don’t let a good looking website fool you. Consider what they have done in the past and make sure they have a lot of substance and experience before deciding to go with them.