The Mayor’s view:
‘I hope that the Government will soon also give the go ahead to the development which both the local authority and I believe will be a great addition to London.’
Ken Livingstone,
Mayor of London, 28th March 2002

The press:
‘An inspired landmark’…
Rowan Moore,
Evening Standard, 9th November 2000

‘a most spectacular plan so far’ …
Patience Wheatcroft,
The Times, 12th September 2001

‘London could once again be as beautiful as it was in the days of Wren’ …
Jonathan Glancey,
The Guardian, March 2001

The consultees:
‘a remarkable building which would be worthy of its prominence in views of London …’
CABE, letter of 26th of March 2001

‘the tower offers a focal point and would have enormous benefit in terms of …business and employment opportunities throughout the Borough…’
London Bridge Hospital, letter to LBS of 24th August 2001

The public view:
70% for the development
8% against
22% undecided
(Percentages determined from the visitors comments book taken at the three exhibitions).