It’s no secret that London has a waste management problem. The city has made headlines in the last few years over the massive amounts of rubbish. As a premier London rubbish removal company, we at Junk Hunters are all too aware of this problem and dedicate our services in helping to solve it.

We also know the damaging effects waste can have on the environment. That’s why we emphasise environmentally sustainable waste management. Our mission is based on recycling and green policies for junk removal.

How can a rubbish removal company such as Junk Hunters recycle the streets of London? In this list, you’ll see 4 ways that waste removals in London can promote recycling and sustainability.

Builders Waste Recycling

Construction sites produce a large amount of rubbish. Removing this waste safely is not only essential for the environment, but for your business as well. Having a waste management plan will save you money in the long run. Fortunately, we’re experts in recycling rubbish from builders sites.

Which types of construction projects are likely to produce materials for recycling? In demolition and deconstruction projects, you’ll be able to recover materials that can be reused. You’ll have more recyclables from deconstruction as well, rather than outright bulldozing. Renovation and new construction projects produce reusable scraps, and you can use some old materials as they are in a renovation project.

What are the common materials recycled from construction sites? Some items that can be salvaged include lumber and wood, brick, and concrete. The lumber and wood can be turned into mulch and the brick and concrete you can possibly apply elsewhere in your construction project. You can also recycle steel and set aside other metals for smelting. Windows and doors can be saved and used in other buildings.

Residential Waste Recycling

When you think about recycling in your household, you probably imagine sorting your rubbish by types – paper, plastic, organic, and glass. But what about bulky items that don’t fit these categories? Or maybe you’re moving or renovating and need the whole house emptied? At Junk Hunters, we promote recycling and reuse from a total house clearance in London.

Items like furniture, bikes, carpets, clothes, and other non-toxic materials can be recycled or reused. Many items from a house clearance can be sent to a charity, like old furniture and clothing. Other bulky items, like appliances, contain small parts that can be recycled individually.

Garden Waste Recycling

Garden waste contains the highest amount of recyclable materials, so you should never simply throw your garden rubbish in the bin. Waste like bark, twigs, leaves, flowers, and hedge clippings can be composted into nutrient-rich soil. In the UK, garden waste is taken to composting sites that shred the rubbish and actively oversee the composting process, which takes between 8 and 16 weeks.

For garden waste to be composted properly, it should be as decontaminated as possible. If you’ve used herbicides on your grass, for example, your grass cuttings shouldn’t go in the recycling bin. At Junk Hunters, we remove not only natural materials but also bulky items like lawnmowers and BBQs. Lawnmowers can be used for scrap metal or sent to electrical recycling, for example.

Commercial Waste Recycling

Commercial rubbish is any waste that comes from your office or workspace. This could be computer or tech equipment, office chairs, filing cabinets, or other furniture. Similarly to residential junk removal in London, many furniture items can be donated or reused.

Computers and IT supplies differ slightly when it comes to recycling. Most computer parts can be recycled or reused, even if the machine is no longer functional. Only about 2% of computer components cannot be reused. That’s why you should always look to recycle old computers, especially with professionals like Junk Hunters.

Summing Up

No matter the type of rubbish that needs removing – construction, residential, garden, or commercial – there’s always a way to recycle. Instead of carting off your junk to a landfill, at Junk Hunters we recycle more than 70% of materials we collect. If we can’t recycle it we donate it to charity. We are proof that effective rubbish removal can help the environment and clean up the streets of London.